Featuring One Audiobook
Narrated By

Callie Dalton

Earphones Award Winner
Written By

S.M. West


Callie Dalton & Jacob Morgan

From author S.M. West comes contemporary romance Clutch, a thought provoking, eye-opening story about the complexity of family and the power of kindness. A One Night Stand Studios audiobook production, read by award-winning narrator Callie Dalton and Jacob Morgan.

“Running into Silas Palmer, a sexy-as-sin rock star, changes my life. Silas makes me feel…exceptional. Aimless. He’s always known his course. And even now, when he’s abandoning fame and fortune, he knows what he wants. Me.”

I love narrating feisty, funny heroines and brooding boyfriends. I think every romance needs a true-blue best friend and I always cry when the bad boy doesn’t get the girl.

Callie Dalton